Bounty Killer firing shots at Mavado in new single?

Is Bounty Killer's new single "Been Bad" a Mavado Diss?

Is Bounty Killer’s new single “Been Bad” a Mavado Diss?

Alliance leader Bounty Killer’s new track on the Been Bad riddim has just been released and has been getting raving reviews from all over the world. It is easily one of the (if not the) most lyrical songs of 2015 already.

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If you listen the lyrics carefully you will hear a couple of phrases that seem to be targeted at “Gully Gad” Mavado:

Cyaa amaze mi With yuh grace tin mackerel,go sing and compete with Jonny him got gill, nuh fren fish, yuh forgot mi shot kill


Man a gad but move like a goddess

Listen the track below and judge for yourself: