Breaking: Macka Diamond injured in car crash!


Macka Diamond

Earlier today we posted about the French Caribbean tour Macka Diamond was on.

The disturbing news just reached that Macka Diamond was involved in a car crash on Martinique. The Jamaican artiste is injured and was hospitalized. Her arm is in a sling and her shoulder is badly bruised. She is discharged from the hospital and at the moment she is at the Martinique airport trying to get a flight out of the island.

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The car in which she was traveling to the airport crashed on the way. Her booking agent, Leesah Larmond, was also injured during the accident, bearing injuries to her foot and neck.

We could have died, but it could have been worse. God is great, it was scary. I hit my shoulder and the nurses put my hand in a sling. Leesah is in pain,” Macka said. Macka Diamond is currently on her French Caribbean tour.

We will keep you updated.