Shieldsss – Repeat It #Dancehall @shieldshayden

Shieldsss – Repeat It #Dancehall @shieldshayden

 Shieldsss dropping dancehall tracks with two goals, versatility and quality dancehall music for the people. The reward for this artist is what he saw the same day the track “Old Fire Stick” was recorded; bumping to this song cranked in the car and kids walking by stop to dance and groove. “That right there is…

Let the Take Over begin #Mixtape #Dancehall 2016


  James Brown aka Diamondz is the mastermind behind 5 Side Soundz and has been working relentlessly with artists from his city in Hamilton (Canada). He promises a barrage of new tunes in 2017 and you can expect music from Jazzcorino, Bogans and D’s Angel along with Dominin. His new mixtape, Dancehall 2016 is designed…