Industry players deny Vybz Kartel claim: “Dancehall is not in jail”


Vybz Kartel

Following the recent claims by Vybz kartel that dancehall is in jail too hasn’t been recieved well by some of the industry players.

According to selector and record producer Foota Hype who was recently interviewed finds the claims made by Kartel as outrageous because it discredits the work of several local artists.

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If he means that dancehall doesn’t exist out of prison, I don’t agree with that. A part of dancehall is missing because he has a huge fanbase. But no one artiste can hold up dancehall,” Foota said.

Foota Hype also credited artists like Konshens, Chronixx, Busy Signal and I-Octane as doing to assist the Dancehall’s progress. The producer goes on to say that according to what he has seen during his international exploits clearly Dancehall doesn’t exist in jail.

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The controversial Ruddy Isaacs, a former manager and a brother to Gregory Isaacs shared the same sentiments as Foota Hype. He says Kartel’s contention is frivolous since he did not create dancehall, but is instead a product of it.

Vybz Kartel cyah be dancehall, him come see dancehall and when him dead dancehall will still be here. A matter of fact, dancehall is a place where people go to dance. This is stupidness, Vybz Kartel alone can’t bring dancehall nor reggae music. A nuh every time a man who look like him a win him actually winning. That’s why on shows like Magnum Kings and Queen of Dancehall, a man will be the winner of the show but is a man like Jah Bouks really a duh the real things, nuff artiste a put een good work,” Ruddy Isaacs said.

The veteran manager also questioned Vybz Kartel’s merit for making such a claim.

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