Inspired by Real Events, ORieL Releases “Babylon System” Single and Video @orielrevoluters

Inspired by Real Events, Reggae Artist ORieL Releases "Babylon System" Single and Video Simultaneously

Inspired by Real Events, Reggae Artist ORieL Releases “Babylon System” Single and Video Simultaneously

“Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates life” – Oscar Wilde

Truer words were never spoken as reggae recording artist ORieL drew from an unfortunate incident that took place over Memorial weekend in Pittsburgh, and put pen to paper to tell his story.

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Known for setting unprecedented moves in Reggae such as last year release of 2 EPs on the same day, ORieL has released “Babylon System” single and video simultaneously.

Watch the video below:

As the artist prepared to take stage at the annual Kaya Fest, ORieL and his bandmate were detained by Pittsburgh PD for smoking marijuana inside his tour bus. They were the first to be cited under the city’s newly formed marijuana citation law. In retrospect of the event, ORieL is releasing “Babylon System aka #Duttybabylon”, a track inspired by this recent encounter. Written by ORieL and produced by ORieL and his long time producer Ludwig, “Babylon System aka #Duttybabylon” uses a sample from Barrington Levy “Under Mi Sensi”, as ORieL sings “Light up the chalice mek we bun down rome babylon ahh devil themem waan take my soul give what they want, keeping what you need microchips, designer kicks, addicted to the images but anytime babylone come around put on me clarks, kick babylon down no babylon could never take my crown, I just shake my locks and babylon drop down. We gonna fight, no, no babylon is not gonna win tonight..”

“Babylon System” video was filmed in studio, directed and edited by #FarEye.

Reggae artist ORieL detained by Pittsburgh Police @orielrevoluters