[Interview] Charly Black, Jah Wayne & Crawba #Teamunstoppable @charlyblack876 @crawba @jahwaynerecordz

Charly Black Europe Party Animal Promo tour in Germany, Holland and France

Charly Black Europe Party Animal Promo tour in Germany, Holland, Zwitserland and France

Check out the in depth interview with Charly Black and his #TeamUnstoppable. The interview was held during Charly Black’s European Party Animal promo tour on February 26 in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Mc Quentin and Dancehall & Reggae TV linked up with the Party Animal right before his show in Club Xi in Eindhoven. We had a good talk with Charly about the worldwide success of his song Party Animal, touring the world, the death of J Capri, his upcoming debut album, new and upcoming songs and many more topics.

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We also had interesting talks with the “Boom Boom Boom” artist Jah Wayne, the bad west yute, and Crawba “Legends of Soul” Genius.

You can catch Team Unstoppable alongside Serani and Leftside tonight at Jamaica Festival in club Naava in Osnabrück, Germany. Charly Black will be continuing his European promo tour in Germany (Wiesbaden, March 13 and Bremen, March 18) and France (Nantes, March 19).

Watch part of Charly and Jah Wayne’s performance later that night..