Interview: Shaggy on dissapointing sales and taking on pop music

Check out this Shaggy interview. The multi platinum selling artiste talks about the unsatisfactory sales records of his new “Out of Many, One Music” album. The Sly and Robbie produced album has sold less than expected (while if we look at the world-wide iTunes reggae charts there is already a single from the new album featured). Shaggy speaks about how certain critics expect sales from reggae artistes comparable with rap and pop artistes which is unfair according to the deejay.

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The diamond selling artiste also states that while he and Sean Paul might not always be producing the biggest reggae oriented songs, they are still the artistes that are capable of making waves in the mainstream world-wide adopted pop and crossover arena.
Watching Shaggy in this interview makes me question if he is high on Ganja alone, honestly. What do you think about what Shaggy has got to say? Leave a comment below!
Scene from this Shaggy interview

Scene from this Shaggy interview