Kiprich Came for Cobra Not Black Rhyno at Sting 2013

Kiprich is out to explain why he lost sting 2013

According to Kiprich he came prepared to clash Mad Cobra and not Black Ryno. He is though happy that Ryno is the one who took the clash money home considering turbulent times Ryno faced after he left Portmore empire.

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Kiprich had this to say: “Ryno a mi likke friend a swear to God. I came out to deal with the big guns like Cobra because it was me against the odds. Me nuh get fi guh plan nothing fi Ryno. Everything wey yu hear mi talk pon the stage beside Ryno a freestyle, but dem did dun tell Ryno sey him a guh war me,”
Kiprich recalls talking to Ryno on phone and that’s when he got a hint that Ryno might be one of his challengers at sting.
“Mi wouldn’t sey is an ambush, but mi mek him get him run. A nuh like mi couldn’t deejay, but mi mek him get him run. A nuff ting did a flow through mi head onstage but mi give him the winnings. Mi nuh sing nothing, yu nuh see dat? Me get my money already enuh, yu zimi.
Ryno nuh book for the show, suh him not even get the deposit fi di show. Suh a mi pay Ryno fi duh di show,” Kiprich said
The artiste says now that Ryno has built up his status as a clashing artiste, he must be prepared to defend the championship belt at Sting 2014.
On his defence Kiprich had this for his fans:- “Hear wah gwaan now. Big up mi fans dem to the fullest; yu win some, yu lose some. Mi give Ryno dah one ya, but next year mi a guh give him the real challenge. Yu haffi grow dem because we alone cyah duh this every year. I came out for the big guns; I was loaded, but a just suh things guh. I would have felt good if I saw Cobra come out and give the people a real show because the people wanted to see KipRich go up against a man who can put on a show. The people dem know mi capabilities already,” And he didn’t shy off to letting you know his plans for 2014.
“A just more music because I am not one to be viewed as a December artiste, mi a fight da thing deh,”
In previous Sting clashes, Kiprich had victories over Merciless, Ghost, Round Head, General B and Tony Matterhorn. He was crowned clashing champion at Sting 2012 by veteran clash artiste Ninja Man.

Ryno, on the other hand, was clashing for the first time, after being pushed offstage in 2012 as he attempted to make his clashing debut against former Portmore Empire artiste Popcaan.

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