Kranium song style causes dispute @eklypsesicka



Dancehall artiste Kranium has denied allegations made by up-and-coming dancehall artiste Eklypse that he stole his style of delivery for the song ‘History’.

According to Kranium’s manager, Pee Wee, Kranium came under the influence of Mavado and Vybz Kartel and has no knowledge of who Eklypse is.

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“This style is more of a Mavado influence. This guy, Eklypse, is a young artiste and my artiste came up under Vybz Kartel and Mavado, so he would more be influenced by them than Eklypse. I am not trying to start a battle, but this is strange news to me, and it’s things like these that hold back the progression of dancehall music,” Pee Wee said.

Been exposed
Eklypse toldThe STAR that he had a conversation with Kranium’s producer last year, during which he played some of his songs for the producer to hear. He claims from that encounter, Kranium may have been exposed to his style of music.

“I reached out to his producer to voice for him because I realise that his tracks have my sound. He listened to my songs and said he liked the sound of the tracks and that I must continue the great works. Kranium release this new song. Now, when I listened to the song, I noticed that it had my sound and my style written all over it.

I am not saying it has to be my thing, but when I heard even my slang in it and then people started to tell me that Kranium’s song sounds exactly like me, I know that he bite my style,” he said.

Eklypse says he has been using the words ‘wow wow wow’ as his slang for many years, and Kranium also used it in History. Eklypse also recorded a song called Real Talk, in which he addresses the issue. That effort was produced by Senshighj, based in France.

Listen “Real Talk” (Kranium Diss) here:

Eklypse is gearing up to release a music video next week for a song called Get Rich, as well as a collaboration with Kalado. His video for Voice of the People is being aired on Hype TV.

“Kranium is a good artiste, but mi nuh rate that,” Eklypse said.