Let the Take Over begin #Mixtape #Dancehall 2016

James Brown aka Diamondz is the mastermind behind 5 Side Soundz and has been working relentlessly with artists from his city in Hamilton (Canada). He promises a barrage of new tunes in 2017 and you can expect music from Jazzcorino, Bogans and D’s Angel along with Dominin. His new mixtape, Dancehall 2016 is designed to give fans a taste of the feel and tempo of the music that will be released in the new year.

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5 Side Soundz has created a strong online buzz and has been receiving positive reviews in the Latin American music community. Diamondz insists that the tape is designed “to get people dancing” and insists that “5 Side Soundz will be the label to watch in the new year”.

“To be frank, I don’t think many acts can compete with what I am readying to put out. I just finished Dancehall 2016 -Volume 2 and believe me when I say, I am only getting started.”

Diamondz says he is currently working on the Steeltown EP which is slated for a spring release in 2017.

Listen to the mixtape below and judge for yourself!!!

Vybz Kartel – Fever
Vybz Kartel – No One
Diamondz ft. Dominin, D’s Angel – Take a Shot
Alkaline ft. Movado – Farewell
Alkaline – Block and Delete
Vybz Kartel – Big Dreams
Diamondz – Anything A Anything
Diamondz- H Town Flows
Diamondz – Call Me
Diamondz- Freedom
Diamondz ft. D’s Angel- Time Out
Vybz Kartel – Body Perfect
Diamondz – Chaulk Board
Diamondz ft. Jazzcorino – Wine
Diamondz – My Pree
Jah Cure – Telephone Love
Bitty Mclean – Walk Away From Love
Damian Marley ft. Stephen Marley – Jah Army
Damian Marley – Caution
Vybz Kartel – Couldn’t
Diamondz – Crazy Man
Diamondz – Jah Cure Controversy
Alkaline – Richochet
Vybz Kartel -Likkle More
Diamondz ft. Jazzcorino and D’s Angel – Bumps pon ya Skin
Vybz Kartel – 9X
Diamondz ft. Jazzcorino, D’s Angel – Bring your body Close
Diamondz ft. Jazzcorino- Rude Gyal
Diamondz – 100
Bryson Tiller – Let me Explain
DVSN- Faithful (Remix)