Lloyd ‘Cookie’ Willacy Revails State of World’s Problems on ‘Tipping Point’


Lloyd ‘Cookie’ Willacy is here to remind us all of what’s really going on out there. He grew up in St. Mary Jamaica playing the guitar, with a strong interest in music. He’s passionate about many other things going on in our current social and political climate. As a result, those sentiments are made quite clear on the song “Tipping Point.”

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Cookie has found a way to shine on a light on some very important issues – corruption, violence. At the same time, also making a song that is absolutely enjoyable and catchy. The song infuses elements of alternative rock, along with some reggae influences. When he speaks, his voice sounds like it belongs on soulful production from the ’70s. Which is to say, that Cookie commands a very strong vocal presence in the song. The background vocals during the hook also add an extremely fun touch to the tune.

The track begins telling you exactly what it is about: freedom. Cookie sings about the state of things crossing a certain threshold. The second verse mainly centers on this idea of “false prophets” speaking to a community in dire need of help. We’re told these authoritative and holy figures are not to be trusted, Whether that be the French apothecary Nostradamus or the Mayan calendar. Even going so far as to mention Sunday morning televangelists and the lies they tell, while corrupt police officers are abusing their power.

“Don’t believe in Mayan calendar, they get their divinity from bloodshed / Nostradamus is a joke, and every sunday morning on TV, the three-piece suit, they spill their lies.”

These are just a distraction from what we should really be seeking is what the lyrics of the song seem to suggest. True freedom cannot be found within these broken systems and institutions.

The instrumentation all throughout the song is arranged nicely, with some pretty sweet guitar riffs during the chorus. This song is going to absolutely kill live, there is no doubt about that. “Freedom for the people” is the rallying cry for the song, and it is pretty infectious.

Lloyd ‘Cookie’ Willacy’s album, Raining On Mars, mixes the genres of pop, rock, reggae and is set for release April 2017. Watch the official video for Tipping Point below.