“Lovers Rock And Soul” Hits 12 On ITunes UK Charts, 31 On U.S Charts @mrvegasmusic

Mr Vegas - Lovers Rock and Soul

“Lovers Rock And Soul” Hits #12 On ITunes UK Charts, #31 On U.S Charts

It’s nearing a week since the release of Mr. Vegas’s newest project “Lovers Rock and Soul”, the 11-Track album filled with reggae renditions of classic hits showcased across ITunes US this past weekend, gaining its spot on ITunes US Charts at #31. The album has also made great strides in the U.K, where it is currently sitting at #12 on the U.K ITunes Charts.

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Fans have been engaging with Mr. Vegas online, hitting up his social media with great feedback about the album.

mr vegasOne fan expressed,
“Genius! A clever way to capture more market share is by combining different genre’s of music, ultimately appealing to a broader demographic. You have done just that. HELLO WORLD, I AM VEGAS! Whomever is behind this pivot in your career, tell them dinner is on me! Fantastic album! Best of luck.”

Mr. Vegas and MV Music family are happy with the albums progress thus far and are continuing their promotional journey to ensure it reaches every corner of the world.

Listen “Thinking Out Loud” taken from the “Lovers Rock And Soul” album: