Mad Cobra demands 50,000 USD to perform at Sting 2013


Reggae Sting 2013 Poster

According to local sources in Jamaica Mad Cobra is asking Us$ 50,000 from the Reggae Sting promoters for him to perform at this years edition of the one night festival.

Reports also says that the veteran deejay is expected to have shows in Europe around that time when sting is on going, he has heard talks of clash and though interested, he is adamant that the organizers pay the $50,000US price tag.

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In a recent interview, Mad Cobra explains that the reason for this charge is because he has an engagement in Europe on the same day that Sting will be held where promoters have already paid part of his fee. He continued by saying that he is willing to negotiate with the promoters in Europe to perform on Sting upon return of their down payment but only if the promoters Stings pays him the $50,000 US.

Reggae Sting 2013 is scheduled to be held on Boxing Day, December 26. Already confirmed for the renowned stage show celebrating its 30th anniversary are: Super Cat, Mavado and American rapper 2Chainz. Check out the full line up for Reggae Sting 2013 here.

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