Mixologi x Jamaica: The Inspiring Story of Versatile @Mixologi @VersatileAmi

Versatile - Versi Jamaican Dancehall Artist

Versatile – Versi Jamaican Dancehall Artist

Mixologi traveled to Jamaica to explore what it takes to truly make it in a small country filled with so many talented musicians. There, we met Versatile, an artist who is right on the cusp of stardom and set to take his career to the next level. What does it take for a young man from a small town in Jamaica to have his voice heard by the world? This is the story of Versatile.

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Executive Producer: Aaron Dolores
Film: GD Films / Gareth M. Daley
Editor: Rey Gutierrez [http://www.rayversus.com] Producer: Brady Thomas & Ru Bradford
Sound: Dave “Shawn” Hill

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