Mr Renzo x Neniita x Charly Black – Colita Remix [OMV] @Charlyblack876 @mrrenzomusic @neniitabarco

Mr Renzo x Neniita x Charly Black - Colita Remix (Official Video)

Mr Renzo x Neniita x Charly Black – Colita Remix (Official Video)

Mr Renzo and Neniita went back to the studio to add another special element to their 2016 release ‘Colita.’ The track which was originally a combination of Dembow (a genre from the Dominican Republic) and Soca now has a dancehall element. It was only fitting that the song with a title that translates to English as ‘tail’ feature high energy dancehall to encourage additional sexy waist and hip movements by women.

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To achieve this Mr. Renzo recruited Jamaican Dancehall sensation Charly Black to add more energy to the already unique track. Charly Black is no stranger to the Latin market just as Mr. Renzo. His hit dancehall single ‘Party Animal’ has been receiving tremendous attention in Colombia, Chile, Nicaragua and other Latin markets which he visited recently. Seeing that ‘Colita’ has a heavy Latin influence and has also been generating attention in various regions, Charly Black’s decision to accept the invitation to be featured is in line with his future musical plans.

Watch the official “Colita” remix video featuring Charly Black, Mr Renzo and Neniita:

The remixed single is accompanied by a new music video that features Charly Black and various locations in Trinidad such as Maracas Beach and the Queens Park Savannah. The concept of this new video focused on showcasing the colourful personality of the Trinidad and Tobago and was directed and produced by Sean Nebula and Sheldon Buckmire. Mr. Renzo and his team at Mr Renzo Music are assiduously engaging in projects to gain the attention of the music industry.

When Renzo teamed up with Nu Generation Studios/Juelio Productionz to create the original track he knew that eventually a remixed version would be considered. It was intentional that the initial creator remained the same. Renzo gives major credit to Charly Black and another Jamaican artiste Melloquence for combined writing efforts on ‘Colita.’ “Charly Black took his time to ensure that his interpretation of the song and contribution to the song was his best effort because of the Spanish elements” shared Renzo.

They are all excited to enjoy the positive results that the remixed version would enjoy and plan to direct most of the songs’ marketing efforts to Trinidad and Tobago, the Caribbean and all Spanish speaking territories throughout the world. © Adanna Asson