Ninja man lashes out at Beenie Man calls him “Dancehall Hypocrite”

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Ninja Man calls Beenie Man “Dancehall Hypocrite”

Veteran dancehall artiste Ninja Man has blasted Beenie Man as a ‘dancehall hypocrite’, in response to comments he made about Elephant Man and other entertainers in a recent interview with US-based station Hot 97 FM.

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During the interview, Beenie Man stated: “I am the balance in dancehall music. Every time the music goes apart, I got to bring it back. I am the King of Dancehall.”

But according to Ninja Man, who spoke to a local radio station recently, Beenie Man is a hypocrite for not giving credit to other iconic artistes who paved the way for the genre.

Ninja Man claims ... Beenie a Dancehall Hypocrite

Beenie Man

“Beenie Man is not here before Ninja Man, he is not here before Daddy Roy and Josey Wales, so who is Beenie Man fi say him a hold up dancehall? Him see dancehall a drop dung? Beenie Man is a total thief. Him is mi friend and mi nah keep no secret fi dem because mi nuh eat a nobody yard and mi nuh scrape nobody burn pan. Him is a thief. Him thief whe di ‘Doctor’ from Early B, him go back and tief the King from Yellow Man, him tief whe di girls from Shabba inna dancehall, and now him want come tief dancehall fi himself? Him too greedy,” Ninja Man stated in the interview.

A seemingly upset Ninja Man also accused Beenie Man of constantly criticizing and berating other artistes.

“A Ninja Man a yuh boss. I am the one that you idolize and grow up and study and when you do sumn fi mek it hurt me, it hurt me. Stop gwaan like a you run dancehall. Yuh nuh run no dancehall. You is the artiste whe get the most boo inna dancehall,” Ninja said.

Although he had resigned from clashing in 2012, Ninja Man stated that he would gladly resume if Beenie Man was up for the challenge.

“You never call me name but you gwaan like say a you alone run dancehall. You one cannot run dancehall because me badda dan you Beenie Man. If yuh ready fi a clash now, come out cause mi ready. Mi resign from war but if yuh nuh like wha mi say and can defend it lyrically, face me any minute, any second, any hour, any time.”