Onirose on the verge of a major breakthrough with Charly Black collab “Get It In” @itsonirose

"Get it in" is the title of Onirose's brand new single, which features Artist Charly Black.

“Get it in” is the title of Onirose’s brand new single, which features Artist Charly Black. The singer has received major attention for her previous single which had been produced by Troyton on the dark temptation riddim on which Charly and a number of other top selling Artists have been featured.

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When asked what her inspiration for the brand new single is, the singer explained:

“The inspiration came while conversing with a group of men out in kingston. I told them that I believe that women should be at liberty to express themselves just as freely as men. I.e, she should not be thought less of for initiating sex with a man she’s just met. Or if she wants to engage in a one night stand, be domineering in bedroom or which ever way. Let her choose, it’s within her right. The man gets away with it but the woman doesn’t. In the lyrics I’m letting the man know exactly what I want/done to me. That way, both are satisfied at the end. More women ought to be quite expressive.”

“Working with Charly was quite an exhilarating experience. He’s very talented and kind enough to share a few tips with me. The dancers and I had a lot of fun with him on set of the steamy video. We also shot behind the scenes footage which will be fun to watch. The video will be released in Feb. I will be posting clips on my insta and FB page.”

“I’ve got a lot that I’m working on but i like to finish a project before I speak about it. It’s kinda like “letting the eggs all hatch.” An EP is definitely in the future work.”

Listen “Get It In” below: