Onstage TV: Mavado talks about career and Alliance feud

Dj Khaled and Mavado

Dj Khaled and Mavado

Onstage TV: Mavado talks to Winford Williams about his career at Dj Khalid’s We The Best label, the beef with Bounty Killer’s alliance, Busy Signal and more.

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The Alliance/Gully war has torn the dancehall community apart, read some of the emotional comments defending both sides posted on YouTube:

Comment from an Alliance fan:

Gully God your side of the story sound pretty, but yuh neva mention what your friend did to get shot. That is the real talk you should make to Jamaica. Bounty Killer also stated he did X amount of dubplates to help you bury your father, yet you stated Killa never spent a dollar on you…. You also never mentioned the numerous songs you did dissing Killa over two years now. Where were you when Kartel was defending the Alliance? In the same position you claim Busy was, so stop sounding hurt. THe Gully/Gaza war had to go to the Commissioner of Police after Kartel shot up your Range Rover so stop acting like you and Gaza are best friends. Kartel dissed you more than 5 Bounty Killas and if it wasn’t for Bounty Killa you woulda dead long time.

A comment from a Gully fan:

Gully Gad. Mi Artiste, Mi G, Mi Icon. Yow, not even words can tell how mi proud a mi artiste from the inception of his career. Mavado aka Gully Gad a de BOSS. As him seh! A him a de man! Right now, mi deven wa even add on to what he commented about besides de Peace and Unity. Dj Khaled, Big Up Yuhself. Yuh done know. Mavado Big Up Yuhself. Gullyside life I know; for sure! OnStage, Big Up Unuhself fi get dah interview yah and Show de whole a Jamaica wah a gwan and how Mi Artiste really feel and a pre so far. Eveybody part a each Team (Gullyside, We Tha Best, OnStage) BIG UP UNUHSELF.

Neutral dancehall fans also commented:

Well I must say thanks to OnStage to create such a prestigious platform to display such a in depth interview. I would now await the response from Bounty Killer to share his views. #Balance 

Onstage TV: Mavado talks career and Alliance feud

Onstage TV: Mavado talks career and Alliance feud