‘Reggae Music Will Survive’ says Richie Spice


Richie Spice

Recently dancehall has been on heavy rotation in the United Kingdom and the mainstream radio, and the ones who seems not to be moved by all this are the reggae stars.

Having heard this from reggae superstars like Maxi priest and Freddie McGregor. Richie Spice added his voice on the subject.
Richie Spice believes that as long as the music has positive vibes it will still stay relevant on the international scene.
My main focus is positivity; I always try to stay positive,” the 42-year-old explained.

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Life is not perfect, but you have to be more focused. As musicians, what we have to do is play the music the right way. For me, the right way is to create proper lyrics with positive content so it can reach the masses of people.
Richie who got popular in 2004 with his hit song ‘Earth a Run Red’ acknowledges that life is not always a bed of roses.
Everything has its negative and positive story, but I think the positive is the right side. They [the dancehall stars] have their negative side to tell, but I try to focus on the other side. I’m an artiste who has been very fortunate and I always try to play music so people can relate to what I’m saying,
While on tour Richie learned the death of his mother at 74. He is also the brother Spanner Banner, Pliers and Snatcha Lion who are stars on their own right.