Reggae Recording Artist Nesbeth Ready to ‘Taste the Victory’

Nesbeth is back with another big tune!


An emerging force who rose from one of the toughest garrisons in Jamaica known as Arnette Gardens, reggae artist Nesbeth is no stranger to success, touring or hit singles. Born as Greg Nesbeth, music have always been his way to communicate and provide comfort in regards to the social injustice taking place at home. Throughout is childhood music has always been a medium to express the rough times taking place at home.

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In 1993 Nesbeth recorded his first single “Reflection of Love” with singer Camera, which opened the doors to a host of musical opportunities and accomplishments. His catalog began to take form as his musical portfolio expanded as he worked with some of the industries most prominent producers and labels. Among the music producers Nesbeth has worked with are Jack Scorpio, Shocking Vibe, Down Sound Records and Flava McGregor. It was while recording witha McGregor that Nesbeth would receive some of his biggest hits to date, such as “Board House”, “Guns Out”, “Friends for Sale” and “Drive By”.

Nesbeth releases another big reggae song "Taste Victory"

Nesbeth ready to taste victory.

It was at this stage in his career that Nesbeth became a voice for the people whose cries fell on deaf ears. His songs were offering hope to people who had no certainty of what tomorrow would bring. But for Nesbeth his voice and messages in his music are just a piece of what makes him such an exceptional artist, his energetic live shows captivates crowds worldwide.

“I recall Nesbeth performing at Rebel Salute 2014 and I must say he captivated me with his words and his delivery. In a crowd of thousands I felt as if Nesbeth was speaking for me and my struggle” says William Schaft of London UK.

In 2013 Nesbeth received the Manchester Award along with honorary award at 2013 Industry Achievers Awards. Nesbeth recently signed to Entertainment Soul Records who is gearing up to release Nesbeth’s EP “Victory”. His first single titled “Taste Victory” is receiving a lot of international recognition and holds a potent message for many who questions overcoming the struggle from time to time.

Nesbeth continues to trod on a righteous and positive musical journey and his recent recordings shows his growth and range musically. Nesbeth is currently available for interviews and gearing up for his tour 2015.

Watch the “Taste Victory” music video below: