Rickman and Konshens collab “Turbo Wine” breaking records!

Rickman first French Guyanese artiste to reach 1 million views on YouTube.

The advent of internet sharing sites such as YouTube has changed the rules of the musical world. Now, artists can almost happen radio and television to promote their songs. Turbo Wine by Rickman is a good example. Posted in October 2013 on YouTube, the video has already attracted over a million views (A “view” is recorded whenever a user watched a video).

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Watch Konshens ft Rickman – Turbo Wine (Official Music Video)

“Since our founding (G Crew), we feel that our work is not valued. We never had rewards and radios do not really play our music.” Turbo Wine is a collaboration with Konshens. The Jamaican dancehall star was visiting Guyana in May 2013. Rickman, a member of the G-Crew group – well known for hits like “Fanm pa gen boug”, “sipped or Tèt bese” – took the opportunity to propose a combination on one of his compositions. The singer accepts and records his part a few days later.

Turbo Wine was shot in Paramaribo, Surinam in August 2013

Turbo Wine was shot in Paramaribo, Surinam in August 2013

The following August, Konshens performs in Paramaribo in Surinam. Rickman went there and asked Konshens to shoot a video. “We had hired dancers and filmed the music video in the street below the hotel.” Rickman then promotes the music video with the means at hand. Sends it to a maximum of YouTube channels. Finally, it is to that of the Dutch DJ Kaas Media, an upcoming YouTube promoter, that gathers the most views. A few months later it has reached a wide audience, over 10.000 people watch the video every day.

This weekend, Rickman will release a new music video entitled, “Hotta Faya”.

DJ Kaas Media wishes to congratulate Rickman and Konshens with their record breaking effort!