Rum Head Riddim Mix (Andrew Hewitt Prod) October 2015 @stranjanimal

Rum Head Riddim

Rum Head Riddim

Brand new music from up and rising producer Andrew Hewitt from Andrew Hewitt Productions, the producer is ready for the world with is latest creation “Rum Head riddim” which feature a host of new artist. Which includes the riddim opener Sample with “Rum head anthem” a timeless classic.

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Fellowed by RicoTayla ‘s “Pon Mi” cause after liquor buss inna u head, u want a gal wine pon u, definitely. Then after you get the wine you fall in love right. Owen Redwood “Baby you” explan that perfectly. Cause when u drunk every girl look good to marry. But when you sober up, you realize that same girl was dancing with all your friends. New york’s own Swashy “Never Get Moody” paints an in macqulet picture of this situation. You just have to listen for yourself.

In addition that. Kritikal “Local & Overseas” is a most for all the thugz who a do dem ting internationally, reall way. And once you a thugz u a go have one a dem thug gal deh, like Tamar Blueprint “If A Your Man” bad gal something. ” I personally believe this is one of the best project fi de year, all hands up”. Just listen for yourself, you be the judge.