Sagitarr Severes Ties With Daseca @sagitarrmusic @MobysRecords

Sagitarr now signed to Moby's Records

Sagitarr now signed to Moby’s Records

The contract between fast-rising dancehall artiste Sagitarr and Daseca productions has been terminated, ending an almost three- year partnership.

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Though the decision to part ways was by mutual agreement, Sagitarr said he had initiated the split.

In a statement released to THE weekend STAR, the So Fast So Speedy singer explained he decided to part ways with Daseca because of the lack of attention the label was showing him regarding his music.

“After almost three years, I got little or no attention from Daseca, no music videos, yet I recorded several songs,” he said, pointing that little was done in terms of promoting his work.

The entertainer said whereas he has no hard feelings towards Daseca, he believes he was given a raw deal from the beginning of the partnership. He believes the original contract he signed with Daseca three years ago was “one-sided”.

“The truth is that they gave me a messed- up contract,” he explained. “The contract said that every work that I did for them, I was paid for, but I never received a cent.”

Sagitarr at the set of a video shoot

Sagitarr at the set of a video shoot

He believes they could have done more to advance his career.

“I don’t have them up. They make Sagitarr song a play on radio, but they could have done more. Even So Fast So Speedy (referring to the tribute song for Usain Bolt, which went viral after the recently held World Championships), they said they did not rate it.”

When THE weekend STAR contacted Daseca Productions, it was confirmed that the contract with Sagitarr was terminated but no details.

Craig Harrisingh told THE weekend STAR the matter was nothing to get into, as the contract was terminated with mutual understanding between both parties.

He wished Sagitarr all the best in his future endeavours.

Sagitarr has since signed to independent label, Moby’s Records, said things are already looking up.

“From mi sign to Moby’s, mi house a build, the deejay have him vehicle right now. Mi ting a shot a road, now look on mi song, You and Me on the ‘Moonlight’ riddim, it ah connect,” he said.