Samantha J signs million dollar deal with Columbia Records

Samantha J "Tight Skirt" Music video

Samantha J “Tight Skirt” Music video

Samantha J, the young Jamaican dancehall artiste who brought us the hit song “Tight up Skirt“, has signed a huge deal with the major record label Columbia Records.

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‘Memba mi tell yu, Jamaican singer Samantha J ah do big tings … di pretty gyal just sign a record deal fi ah whole heap ah cheddar. Jah! Rastafari!!’

The payment structure is set up so that Samantha’s first album will get her an advance of at least $325,000, as high as $700,000, if needed.

According to the contract, if Samantha sticks with Columbia through her 6th album, she’ll collect up to a $1.1 million advance!

She’s also entitled to a big amount of royalties. She will get at least 16% of all sales.