Shieldsss – Repeat It #Dancehall @shieldshayden

Shieldsss dropping dancehall tracks with two goals, versatility and quality dancehall music for the people. The reward for this artist is what he saw the same day the track “Old Fire Stick” was recorded; bumping to this song cranked in the car and kids walking by stop to dance and groove. “That right there is all I need to write another track”
……and the songs started flowing like water.

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Humble beginnings define his music, raised in a musical household on (DOZA) aka Mendoza Street in Trinidad. Shieldsss saw the double edge of a dangerous neighborhood and how the type of music played influence people for both good and bad. So to inspire a good feeling through listening to his music is what he feels like is his responsibility to contribute to his listeners.
Logical Entertainment would like to introduce to you the artist Shieldsss.
Repeat it….a song that makes dancehall music feel like dancehall music again!
Blessings to Studio 91 and Ivy League Studios.