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Tessanne’s Songs Now On Billboard Top 100

  Everybody is recently relating to her as the crowned winner of NBC’s show ‘The Voice’ Yes she is a winner in her own rights and the winning fever seems not to leave her soon as now she has two more songs on the Billboard Top 100, just a week after making her first appearance…

Reggae Sting 2013 was a Financial Disaster

Sting organisation: Gary Dixon, Josef Bogdanovich, Isaiah Laing and Howard McIntosh

 The organisers of the Reggae concert, Sting, say last night’s staging of the event might not have been profitable although there were large crowds and valuable sponsorship deals this year. According to Howard McIntosh of Sting organisers Supreme Promotions, this year, it cost around US$1 million or J$103 million to put on the reggae concert.