Tijani Concious – Struggle (ft Juice) [Official Music Video]

 Tijani Concious

Tijani Concious

Born and raised in St. Andrews, Jamaica, Tijani Concious is known for djing songs with a positive upbeat message. Influenced at a young age by his father, a local selector with his own sound system playing the hit music of that time. As a boy Tijani would stare at the covers of the many records in his father’s studio mesmerized by the colorful images. These musicians were from the era of uplifting conscious reggae music and their messages made a lasting impact on young Tijani. Growing up in a musical household, he showed signs of talent that made his friends push him to enter many school competitions. In his late teens he started taking the art of songwriting seriously and eventually formed a group. Later on Tijani began producing riddims for himself and local artistes. Traveling to America he stayed with his mother in Detroit, MI and was apart of the underground hip hop scene.

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Today, Tijani Concious music does not fit into conventional definitions. It is an eclectic mix of dancehall, hip-hop and roots reggae, reflecting the diverse range of influences gathered through his journey from Jamaica throughout the World.

“Tijani Concious lyrics is no waste of rhyme or time but has a thought provoking theme following in the footsteps of earlier music legends like Bob Marley and Sizzla”.
This reflective artist continues his mission of spreading hope, optimism, and truth via his music. A true artist with a unique blend of dancehall/hip-hop music, Tijani is known for his God conscious messages.

In 2012, he founded The Conscious Company which he use as a vehicle to advocate media messages of justice, peace, and love for all humanity.

Tijani is musically influenced by reggae greats Sizzla, Capleton, Buju Banton and Dennis Brown who all made invaluable contribution on his musical journey.

Tijani Concious latest effort is an EP entitled “Island Wave” a 7 song mash up of conscious hip hop, dancehall, and reggae music.