Vehnam – Money Chase [Official Music Video] @Grassydada

Vehnam is a dancehall reggae artist with a rapid delivery and crazy flow that will keep you guessing. Vehnam was born in Spanish town St. Catherine and migrated to USA at the age of 17thats when he started to take his music seriously .

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I started working on several Caribbean radio staions in South Florida as a selector but i would always make songs about other artists and also about my community that always create some kind of controversy and get everyone talking. And from there on thats how Vehnam made a name for himself which propelled his career to another level. Soon Vehnam was openning shows for Bounty Killa ,Movado , Munga and other Mainstream artist. As i mastered my craft as a deejay i made the next step in my career by starting my own record label named ISOUND MUSIC RECORDS. My first single released on my label is a song called Money Chase which was released on November 9,2015 to all major distributors like Itunes, Amazon Music, Spotify to name a few.

The single so far is doing great and already its getting air play in Jamaica on all major radio station and was first played on Jamaica hottest daytime radio show by Action and Burgerman on RJR 94 FM . The song Money Chase is also doing well in the streets as well across all social media outlets.

Well right now Vehnam is trying his best to establish a lasting career in the music business by putting out good music for everyone to love and cherish. I am concurrently concentrating on pushing my first single and see where it will take me and also work on more songs. I have other tracks in store for my first EP which in the works right now.

Support the music go to itunes search for Vehnam – Money Chase