“We Didn’t Steal The Song” Says Voicemail

An up coming duo has come out to

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accuse the dancehall male group Voicemail of stealing their song.

According to Channon Brown, one of the members of the Clueless group he, along with his brother, Naphtali, released a track called ‘gringo’ “We released Gringo last year and it was all over the Internet. People from all over the world saw it and were loving the song and the dance moves. I don’t know how Voicemail hear bout the song but dem tek it from wi. Dem a bigger artiste and dem just tek it over. But the good thing is that I had copywritten the song before,”

“Voicemail is getting airplay and more exposure from our song because they are the more established artistes. Everybody believes that Voicemail are the originators of Gringo, but that is not true. Mi feel a way bout it. We feel cheated,” he added.

Brown also had a few choice words for Voicemail, who he believes should deal with up-and-coming artistes more fairly.

“Voicemail need fi mek the younger artistes get a fair chance. We put out our song and dem just jump pon it. They basically stole it. We feel cheated,” he said.

When contacted, Craig from Voicemail told THE STAR that the accusations are baseless.

“That’s rubbish. Anybody who knows Voicemail knows that we don’t need to steal people’s songs. I do not have any clue about this other song they are referring to and I don’t even know who these people are. I have never heard of them. We don’t need to steal. We are not hungry or desperate,” Craig said.