About DJ Kaas Media

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The website DJKaas.com was started back in 2001 as a platform where DJ Kaas could launch his dancehall and reggae mixes into the world. In an era where there were no social media or YouTube the site grew to enormous proportions in just a couple of years. Around the year 2008 the site was getting less attention from DJ Kaas and traffic and contents fell in decline.

Resurrection and rebranding

In 2012 the site was refueled and reloaded with new contents, new dancehall and reggae (promo) mixes. There was a long way to go for DJKaas.com because we had fell behind on/missed the social media and YouTube trains.

During 2013 interests shifted from only making and posting promo mixes to promoting music in general. A new website was built (the one that you are visiting now) which expanded fast from only the latest dancehall and reggae music to a full media site that covers news, music, riddims, mixtapes, VLOG’s and much more.

When his friends Romane “Maticalise” Gordon and Nicolas “Nixs” Simpson joined the site it was rebranded from “DJKaas.com” to “DJ Kaas Media” to give the site’s name a more general and international appearance. With Preston Victor joining the writers-staff we are proud that we can say that DJ Kaas Media has become a true world-wide project, with authors from Jamaica (Caribbean), Kenya (Africa) to The Netherlands (Europe).

You can always contact us via our social media accounts, or you can use the Contact Page.

We are always looking for people who want to join our team and can write quality articles for the site, this can cover topics ranging from music, news to anything else related to Jamaica and Dancehall or Reggae.

Bless up!

DJ Kaas Media Crew