Busy Signal – Same Way (Official Music Video) + Lyrics

Check out the latest Busy Signal viral video for his single “Same Way”. The song is produced by Turf Music and features a nice up-tempo dancehall beat.

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Yow street a lock same way
Lyrics tough same way
Me thing a beat same way
Yeah, the want it drop but the price to the top
Same way still a wap them same way
Yeah, shooter hustle fi the food same way
Touch the road same way
Get the money same way
Yeah hot head
Nothing no change same way
Me inna the place a voice song same way
Rihanna sing come over, same way
Miss yo miss yo, miss yo miss yo same way
A watch out for this the whole world a play
Number one upon the list
Now miss same way!
In sense a burn evil a stay away
The problems we have chant a prayer a day
The same way them kill Bugle, them kill Roach same way
‘ know the thing set away
Them youth yah no play, hot head same way
Dear father to you mi a pray
When time rough and we in dismay
Turn the dark sky to blue a sky, not grey
Anyway man a look fi pay same way
What? The piece a food so mi hustle same way
Me hear she them hold Flippa
But John know mi hope seh the dolphin flip out same way
Get free same way, same way
Same way, yo watch out fi the feds same way
Anyway them waan control radio man
But mi sing them haffi play same way
Tour book same way, fi fly same way
Book out same way, lock show same way
Feisty same way, gal is same way
Gal love mi same way, lock the turf same way
Hot head same way
A killer, I’m a general, cross same way
Me wap them, wap the’
Wap them lyrical and original same way
Hey mi thing no regular same way
No private call paw my cellular same way
Gyal a tip, ti tip, paw toe same way
uPon the edge giggle it same way
Step out, testing same way
One, three no test two same way
Me them waan get out
Can’t touch mi same way
Them a go tired fi si mi face same way
Mi dog them let out and a bark same way
Portmore no take talk same way
Me dark same way
Popine same way
Stand Pipe same way
St.Ann, Salem, Mobay Bay

Busy Signal - Same Way Music Video

Still from the “Same Way” music video.