Kiprich says He is Ready To Close The Dancehall Night


The dancehall star Kiprich has come out and said he is ready to close the Dancehall night at reggae sumfest 2014.

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It’s not yet clear as to who should close the dancehall night as it has appeared in the recent past. Sumfest organisers have asked I-Octane to close the show.

According to Octane though he is seeking Mr. Vegas to close the night but Vegas is saying that Octane should close the night anyway.

“Ah the first mi ever see this in the industry where an artiste is announcing to the world that he doesn’t want to close a major reggae show. Mi close Sting two years straight, and Sting ah the most intimidating show on the planet, so mi know mi can do a good job at Sumfest. Mi waan close it, mi ready fi the responsibility so why dem a run from the occasion? How dem a run down bigmanship but when yuh see what it entails, everybody ah run up and down like dem nah no head?” Kippo questioned

“Whatever time a promoter want you fi work, that’s the time artistes should work. Artistes don’t work fi please other artistes. Remember as an artiste, yu a work fi please the fans, yu need to give the fans dem a show. Your primary responsibility is to entertain and give them their money’s worth, so since when it become about trying to embarrass another artiste or about how yu feel? … It is always about the fans,” He added

Kiprich, who is a certified crowd-pleaser and a veteran of many reggae-dancehall shows, called on the promoters to use him instead.

“Mi never see dancehall come to this, where artistes ah run from the occasion. Mi close the International Kite Fest the other day and the people dem wait pon me, and mi mek sure mi have a real show fi dem. So why dem a clown out dancehall with argument ’bout dem nuh waan close? How much more demwant Beenie Man and Bounty Killer fi bear? What about the future of the business? Stop hide from the real ting dem and use the media fi confuse the issue. If yu say yu a de big man, and yu work hard for that title, then step forward. Mi ready fi close it, Gourzong, line up de money!” Kiprich said.