Mr Vegas – Dem Nuh Nice + Lyrics @MrVegasMusic @kirkledove

mr vegas
Listen the brand new Mr Vegas on the Knock Up riddim produced by Kirkledove productions entitled “Dem Nuh Nice”. Lyrics are also below.

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Kirkledove mi a tell yuh seh some people nuh nice
Oh mi a tell yuh seh some people nuh nice
Yuh fi watch out fi dem, dem wi dig out yuh eyes,
Mi a tell yuh seh some people nuh nice
Oh mi a tell yuh seh some people nuh nice
Dem a pray bad prayer fi yuh slide Pon the ice
Them FAKE like the CHINESE RICE.
Verse 1
Dem wah come LOCK off mi voice
Mi seh everything mi do, them nuh STOP criticize
Dem wi sell out them friend
And nuh matter weh the price
Then dem jump up and rejoice
Weh deh inna the dark, must come in a the light
Dem nuh want mi fi reach a higher heights
Nuff a dem hell bound, nah reach a paradise
Dem wi KILL yuh like weh dem do to CHIRST
Verse 2
A one thing for sure that a death enuh today you here tomorrow, yuh gone nuh figet enuh
Mi nah tell yuh this fi yuh fret enuh
Mi a tell yuh seh yuhself yuh fi check enuh
Yuh a boast bout DUPPY yuh a mek enuh
All innocent life yuh a tek enuh
Yuh think seh a joke mi a mek enuh
Yuh soon get weh yuh fi get enuh
Verse 3
Hold up your hand
From yuh know seh yuh praise the almighty one
Yuh nuh carry dutty heart
Yuh nuh badmind nuh one
Yuh Haffi work hard to build your foundation
Hold up your hand
Yuh nah sell yuhself
Yuh nah bow to nuh man
Real know real, yuh nah fi ask nuh question
The more them FIGHT mi
That a mi motivation!