Popular dancer stabbed during argument

Kreecha said to be attached as well

Kreecha stabs fellow dancer and gets flogged himself

Kreecha stabs fellow dancer and gets flogged himself

A dancer, Aji, is now hospitalised and nursing stab wounds after being attacked by fellow dancer Kreecha at an event in Cockburn Pen, Kingston, on Thursday night.

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When Aji was contacted, real name Romaine Patrick, on Friday afternoon, he said he was currently at the Kingston Public Hospital, after receiving four stabs to his chest, neck, arm and hand.

“Mi just haffi a rest fi a while, mi under some drip,” he said.

He explained that the incident is stemming from a rift between Kreecha and Bling Dawg. About a month ago Kreecha complained that he was not being fairly compensated by Bling Dawg for their collaboration, Kreech.

Since then, Aji said Kreecha no longer wanted the dancers who formed Appenaz to hang out with Bling Dawg.

“From weh day wid Bling Dawg ting him a pree wi ’cause him waan wi pree things the same way and wi nuh tek it up,” Aji said.

On Thursday night, Aji said he arrived at Wappings Thursdays and saw Kreecha across the road. Some time after, he said Kreecha crossed to the side of the road he was on and walked past him several times.

“Him end up reach in front mi and a seh some things and mi tell him fi move from in front me. When mi look is a ratchet knife dat in front me and him a throw some wild stab. Bout hundred stab him throw pon mi so mi nuh know how a four alone reach,” Aji told THE STAR.

“Mi neva have no weapon fi defend miself, mi did just a try ease him off. When mi see the blood, mi start run to mi vehicle.”

Still hospitalised, Aji said he is yet to make a formal report to the police, but has asked his mother to make a report on his behalf.

This was confirmed by police from the St Andrew South Division,who said they did not a have a report on the incident.

After Aji was stabbed, it is reported that Kreecha was also attacked by a group. While THE STAR’s efforts to get in contact with Kreecha were unsuccessful, selector Boom Boom said, “Kreecha stab up the youth wicked but him get a flogging after.”

Selector Foota Hype was playing at the time the incident began, but he says he has no details on the incident.

Bling Dawg was also unaware of the extent of what had happened, but said he is not pleased with what transpired.

“Mi nuh like the vibes weh a gwaan. Is dancehall and more time dem ting ya mek the music stagnant. He (Aji) is doing Ok and I just wish him a speedy recovery,” Bling Dawg said, adding that he is currently focusing on his event, Beach Invasion, that will be held next week.

Kreecha and Bling Dawg in better times

Kreecha and Bling Dawg in better times