The Reggae Soul Alternative FREE Tape Is Out : Tales Vol.1 @msmavy89

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“Tales Vol.1″ is the first free download episode of a concept created by the female artist Ms Mavy : ” Life is full of good and bad experiences so my hiding place is my home studio. It allows me sometimes to escape of reality.
Every song or instrumental that i’vei made is a state of mind, a tale. Life and music always be connected”.

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Raised in Guadeloupe, Ms Mavy was born in 90’s, in Reims (France) from a guadeloupean mother and a cameroonian father.Passionate about music , she asked her parents to learn the piano as seven years old (classical and jazz) , Ka and later singing.
After several releases (mixtape,EP,compilations), and called for work some music stuffs in New York, Cameroon, Senegal and Jamaica and Europe, she decides for the first time to focus on your ability to produce beats and sing.
Every track on “Tales Vol.1” is a mix of instrumentals and songs entirely produced and written by Ms Mavy.

Discover now on VEVO Tales(Interlude) Video

Direct Free Download Tales Vol.1