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Poison Arrow Riddim Mix (December 2013) Dynasty Records

  Brand New Uptempo Reggae Juggling Entitled “Poison Arrow Riddim.” This package features Jah Vinci, Chris Martin, Dice for which her song bares the title of the package, I-Octane, Kabaka Pyramid, Cecile, Lady Saw, Alaine and Bobby Hustle. This package gives a relaxing feeling to the listener Check out this promo mix by Maticalise

Rising Sun Riddim Mix (October 2013)

 Chimney Records Latest Riddim, “Rising Sun Riddim” is made up of a combination of beautiful sounding instruments, which consists of an astonishing hook. This rhythm, falls nowhere short of elegance. It is truly an exquisite rhythm and the artiste line-up along with the ravishing sounds of their melodies completes this beautiful rhythm package. Thumbs up…