VIDEO: Gully side sabotage real clash with Iyara, Bounty Killer get’s cross!

This week we wrote about the argument between Gully and Alliance deejay’s 3 Star and Iyara, that took place at “All Star Check Thursdays”, Thursday 15 May 2014. The video footage for this recent incident in the Mavado / Bounty Killer war has now reached.
Watch how the Gully Side entourage tries to stop Iyara to reach the stage and how the microphone is muted. Bounty killer gets angry and cross and enters the stage to speak up his mind. 3 Star fled the stage, to come back after the Alliance artistes leave. The Gully Side artiste recorded a new diss track called “Mek A bag A Talk” after this altercation at “All Star Check Thursdays”.

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